A recent survey showed that couples fight about money more than any other subject (including sex, chores, communication, and what's for dinner). As young married couples, it's most common for us to argue about:

  • frivolous purchases
  • budgeting
  • credit card debt
  • not having a great emergency fund
  • frustrations about retirement plans
  • not living up to the same money status as friends or family

In this episode, Ramsey Personality and Personal Finance Expert, Rachel Cruze, tackles these subjects as she shares with us what she wishes she would have known about money before she got married (which is quite ironic, since she's Dave Ramsey's daughter). 

Rachel recommended:

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P.S. Here are the links to the marriage card decks we talk about in the episode:

During times of economic uncertainty, there can be a lot of tension around the finances and just talking about it can feel like an argument is about to explode.

In this episode, Adrian Hildebrand, Certified Financial Education Instructor, shares some practical tips about discussing the finances as a couple. She tackles debt, budgeting, investments, financial infidelity, joint accounts, spending limits, and managing an economic crisis.

Adrian also discusses the COVID-19 pandemic specifically and shares some insights on financial do's and don'ts. She shared a specific resource about what you can do with retirement contributions (401Ks and IRAs) right now with the new CARES act -- here is a FORBES article from March 28th that explains the details.

Here are Adrian's Book Recommendations:

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